We are a small winery from the Padarovce village in Malohont region. The first written record about wine production in our village dates back to 1866. However, the tradition has gradually disappeared but our effort is to bring this custom back to our village. We continue in the history of healthy blackcurrant wines. With a fine craft we want to make our region proud and spread its reputation throughout Slovakia.

Black currant wine is the most popular and most widely consumed fruit wine. We are focusing on the most exclusive – on the wines from black currants. Their berries are one of the most valuable fruits grown in Europe. They contain an immense amount of vitamins, especially vitamin C and antioxidants.

Black currant wine is not only tasty and sweet but it is also very healthy. It fights against fatigue, migraines and helps to maintain hormonal balance in the women’s body. It contributes to maintain normal blood pressure, has a positive effect on varicose veins, bones and joints

Our wine goes perfectly with red meat, Emmental cheese or with cheese cakes. It is excellent in the summer as well as in the winter – in the heat, you can`t go wrong when you put ice cube in it and in the winter, you can warm it up to 60 degrees in order to make a great warm beverage.